Friday, May 2, 2008

Preparing for kidding

The countdown is on and Firefly is due in 11 days. They say to be ready a week before, so really I only have 4 days or so to be completely ready. And as big as she is I won't be surprised if she does come early.
I am a little nervous since this is our first time with a kidding experience and there are things that can go wrong. My biggest fear is that a kid will come out weak and need assistance in beginning life and my second fear is that the mama will need assistance getting the kids out.
My to-do list in getting ready for kidding day is:
1. shave the backside of Firefly to make cleanup of birthing easier. I did this today, just 15 minutes ago. It wasn't too difficult except the back of the udder which would not let me touch. I'm not sure how to get that accomplished. It isn't too hairy but they say it is helpful to have it shaved. I did get the tail shaved, which looks funny, and the rump and back of legs. She looks spiffy. Of course no pictures, I couldn't get them on here anyway right now because of pc trouble. My mentors at Fias Co Farm has some pictures of a finished shaved goat. That's there "preparing for kidding page" so you can see all kinds of neat stuff.
2. Clean up the 2nd stall for kidding. It is clean but need to get feeders set up and also bucket of fresh water.
3. Have all necessary needs in the barn ready to go. I still need to buy some betadine for disinfecting if necessary, but I think I have everything else I need.
I guess that's about it. I'll definitely have the camera on hand for this big event.


Liz in Seattle said...

Does Kelsey know how to use the camera? :-)

You KNOW I'm checking your blog every day. Are you going to compare notes w/Kh Martha when you're all done?

See you this afternoon!

Bluecanopy said...

how cool...can't wait!