Monday, June 25, 2012

The Summer of Projects

Summer is upon us and this is our 6th summer on our little farm.  I've gotten a little behind on my goals lately.  We don't need to go into the details of that, it just happens.  I just know that after a little backsliding on goals I'm raring to go, full force into catch-up mode. 
It is astonishing how quickly things can grow up and take over around here.  In just one winter (or 2)  there are areas around my piece of land that are totally taken over by trees or blackberries or grass or junk.  The inside of the house has become dreary and old and also has been taken over by junk. 
So I'm ready for change and catching up!  This summer has been titled, "The Summer of Projects" and I have a long lists of them ready to tackle.  I probably won't get to all of them, but I will do my darnedest to try.
I have decided to journal my journey through the Summer of Projects.  I will post before and after pictures of my clean up projects and my redecorating projects.  I think it will be fun to see the progress and change.  And just maybe, MAYBE, it will hold me accountable. 
Here is my list of projects: 

Summer Project List

1. Clean all areas within the garden.
2.  Slowly lay mulch over grassy areas.
3.  Clean and cull side of house.
4.  Clean and cull back of house.
5.  Clean and cull side of barn and front of barn.
6.  Clean and cull in tent. Take tent down or move it to.
7.  Trim trees where hutches are and move hutches.
8.  Clean out barn completely.
9.  Sand and paint kitchen floor.
10. Refinish front deck.
11. Trim trees & landscaping along driveway.
12. Paint LR
13. Paint kitchen & DR.
14. Paint hallway & stairwell.
15. Paint CJ’s room.
16. Finish cabin siding.
17. Build greenhouse.
18. Paint outbuildings.
19. Prepare pig pen for fall wieners.

These really aren't in any particular order except that the ones at the bottom are really the ones that probably are the least of my worries and probably won't get done.  I will do the first 14 in whatever order I feel like it.  For example I've already done #4 almost to completion, but forgot to take pictures.  It wasn't until after that I decided to take pictures.  I am almost done with #5 and do have pictures so will post my first before and after later this week. 

Do you have any summer projects you are working on?  Any big goals?