Saturday, December 20, 2008

Frozen Farm Part 2

We are still covered in snow, today it's been a week. We got a little more snow on Thursday morning which brings our totals to about 4-5 inches. But it's been so cold that it's still around.
Some of the kids love to go out and play in it and others last only a few minutes. The problem is we just aren't prepared for it. The only boots they have are mud boots, rubber and rubber only, they just don't do the trick, even with 2 pair of socks.
We've been having to haul hot/warm water out to the barn and coop. Every morning I go out and things are frozen up.
Joseph all bundled for snow. He'd stay warm if he only had warm boots...moon boots would be great. Remember moon boots? LOL

The picture above is of our driveway after the snow Thursday morning.
The picture below is of the neighbors driveway.

The goats are in search of greenery. Nicholas has found them some.

Below we have 2 furry friends visiting the sunflower seeds.

And the kicker of it all......
we have this in the forecast for the weekend!

Winter Storm Warning

I've never seen this kind of weather in 15 years I've lived in Western Washington.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Frozen Farm

We've plunged into the arctic here in Western WA. This is something we just aren't used to. I'm having to haul warm water from the house several times a day to keep the water buckets for the animals thawed out. I have not water out in the barn or coops and have had to disconnect all hoses. Sunday night we went down to 20 and a high of 25, right now the thermometer says 21. Starting tonight we have a "winter storm watch" with more snow--maybe. They do know if precipitation moves in it WILL be snow because it is not suppose to warm up at all. This has been the longest cold spell I've ever experienced in my 15 years in WA. And it is NOT expected to get any better before Christmas (which means we could have a white Christmas).

Here are pictures from around the "Frozen Farm".

The chickens do not like to go out in the snow at all.

Frozen water and chicken tracks.

Great shot, Kelsey. She took most of these pictures. I love this one. This used to be a big mud pit and is now frozen solid. One thing is for sure, everything looks cleaner now.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Milking and Chicks

My mom came out to the barn with me during milking time yesterday and snapped this picture of me. I don't think I've put a picture of milking on here in quite some time.The baby chicks are about 6 weeks old now and doing great! they are all feathered now, or at least enough so that if the power goes out they will be fine without heat for awhile.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We woke to these sounds again. But this time....Butter got lucky. We started out yesterday thinking we should try because I knew she was coming into heat, but when we arrived and put her in with the buck she wouldn't have a thing to do with him. She ran and bucked at him and wanted out! So we went back today know it had to be the day and sure enough!!! She ran in and just stood! What was so funny about it was that she just stood there and acted all standoffish and whatnot. She stood but if he tried sniffing her head and ears or licking her face she'd turn her head the other way. It was kind of funny. If the breeding took than she will be due May 1st!! Perfect...12 days after Pascha!