Saturday, December 20, 2008

Frozen Farm Part 2

We are still covered in snow, today it's been a week. We got a little more snow on Thursday morning which brings our totals to about 4-5 inches. But it's been so cold that it's still around.
Some of the kids love to go out and play in it and others last only a few minutes. The problem is we just aren't prepared for it. The only boots they have are mud boots, rubber and rubber only, they just don't do the trick, even with 2 pair of socks.
We've been having to haul hot/warm water out to the barn and coop. Every morning I go out and things are frozen up.
Joseph all bundled for snow. He'd stay warm if he only had warm boots...moon boots would be great. Remember moon boots? LOL

The picture above is of our driveway after the snow Thursday morning.
The picture below is of the neighbors driveway.

The goats are in search of greenery. Nicholas has found them some.

Below we have 2 furry friends visiting the sunflower seeds.

And the kicker of it all......
we have this in the forecast for the weekend!

Winter Storm Warning

I've never seen this kind of weather in 15 years I've lived in Western Washington.


Matushka said...

It's so beautiful!! We don't get much snow here in Texas either, but I love it when we do. My mom in law is having the same reaction you are. She is on Whidbey Island. Enjoy!


Matt said...

Go to an army surplus store and buy micky mouse boots. THey are the best. I think the official name is "boots, extreme cold weather, insulated, inflatable". And they aren't as expensive as snow fancy civilian snow boots. The army doesn't care about styling, only function.