Monday, April 6, 2015

I love this place!

I know I don't keep you up-to-date very well.  Life just brings too much my way and as many of you know I'm one incredibly unorganized person.  I can't and won't make any more excuses for my lack of attention to this blog.

But one thing is for sure.

I love my little corner of this world, this so called "farm" I'm trying to build.

It's heaven to me to get out into the garden and dig.  To create.  To supply my family with food.

Here are some things I've done in the last 6 months:

I filled my freezer with 106# of fresh pork!  And boy I cannot wait to begin the 2nd adventures in raising pigs.  It was a grand time and something we will do again.

We've had an incredibly strange winter and everything is in full bloom and that means I've been able to get into the garden early.  I have continued to cover the paths in the garden.  I've put in a new raised bed and the best thing of all...

I built a chicken tunnel, or what I like to call a "chunnel".  It goes around the perimeter of the garden.  It will keep the bugs and weeds at bay.  The chickens love this thing.  Since I've installed it they have cleared all the grass from within.

The Chunnel

And last but not least we have added 30 little soon-to-be layers to the flock.  In 5 months we just might be able to keep with demand.

Those are the farm adventures!  And for about a month I will for sure not be back to blog.  If you go here you can see what why.  I'm about to have one of the biggest adventures of my life!!!

But I do endeavor to be back often over the best seasons of the year...spring and summer!!!  The busiest and best for this wanna-be farmgirl.