Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pics Update

Finally, I have pictures. Here is a Black Austrolorp close up. I really love their coloring. Some of them have the deepest red around their eyes, almost purple looking. The egg count is not up to par and this is concerning to me. I wondered if it had to do with the move and/or the disappearance of the rooster. I called my Aunt, my mentor, and she is baffled. She said sometimes in the spring they'll go through a process of acclimating to warmer weather, a broody mood thing. So we'll see. I hope production picks up soon.

The goats are well. Firefly (above) is often found in this position moaning and groaning. She is HUGE and I'm sure not sleeping well. Her tail bone has moved into an upper position in preparation for delivery. Because of this I have taken to check on her every 3hours, even in the night. James says, "They've been having kids without assistance for centuries." But that isn't the point....I don't want to miss it!! Plus with assistance they have a higher rate of their mouth and face off faster than mom can, helping to get them latched on fast, and dipping the cord (which can wick up bacteria and whatnot). Not to mention assisting in the actual delivery if there is a problem with position. The one birth I got to witness a year ago had both kids trying to come out at the same time and one had to be pushed back in. If the owner had not been there they may have died.
Needless to say, there is great excitement in our home in anticipation of kid arrivals. I hear many many times a day, "Do you think they'll come today?"

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Mimi said...

Is it appropriate to say that I'm so sympathetic to poor Firefly, those last days when you can't get comfy. Sigh!