Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy New Year?

Apparently my widget countdown thinks that I was counting down to the new year. I don't remember setting it to do that but I guess I did.
Well, we've hit the end of the countdown. Today is Firefly's official due date. Besides the "symptoms" she had last time I posted, she is no further along to kidding than she was 5 days ago. I gave up guessing when she would kid. I gave up the excited "I think it'll be any minute" mentality, which makes it very hard to get up and check on her at 2AM. But I do know she has kids in her, I can feel them and even see them from time to time, and they must come out at some point. So one of these times when I go check on her she will be in the process of pushing the kid(s) out and the excitement will abound once again.

On another note:
I transplanted tomatoes yesterday into bigger pots. Some went from the paper pots I made into 3 gallon buckets and others went from 1 inch pots into 3 inch pots. I even planted 6 into the ground. I created a greenhouse/tent cover to put a bunch of them under ( and the ones in the ground under). The 3 inch pots are still in the house. I had many that really didn't look well and I had kind of given up on but Charissa convinced me to give them a 2nd chance in the bigger pots. As we transplanted them it became apparent that they really had run out of room in the little pots, roots were coming out all over. So MAYBE with their new bigger homes they will flourish. This is our hope and prayer. We have 20 plants under the "tent" outside and 10 more in the house. I also have 8 sweet red pepper plants in 3 inch pots in the house. If I can get even half of them to grow healthy and strong, I'll be thrilled.
This week we will finish digging up all the beds and get things planted in the ground. We are to be in the 70's and 80's for several days starting Thursday. I hope this warms the soil enough to plant beans and corn.

Happy New Year. ;)


Mimi said...

Happy New Year indeed!

Liz in Seattle said...

Happy New Year. And Thanksgiving, while we're at it.

Poor Firefly. Here's to a quick end to 2AM wakeup calls. May she kid sometime soon, and when James is home.