Saturday, May 24, 2008

The "Name the Goat" contest has ended. We have many great submissions and so now we'll gather around and pick our favorites. Thank you all for your entries.

Yesterday I finished up a small outdoor pen for the kids to romp around in. My dad and I put up the majority of this last summer and it was meant for Mina but it never worked out. So I extended the fence to reach underneath the lean-to shelter next to the barn and then cut a doorway into the side of the barn which goes into the kid stall. So now the kids have access to the outside all day long. We'll still take them over to hangout with the adults several times a day and when we become certain they aren't nudging at momma any longer they'll get to stay there a lot more.
Firefly is doing great with her milk production. She gives me over a gallon a day right now which is a little more than enough for her kids to drink. They drink almost all of it. Starting next week though they'll go down to 3 feedings a day and we'll have leftovers for ourselves.
Sometime next week I'll have to take the kids to get disbudded. That'll be fun. I will take them somewhere to have it done. I do not want to do this myself.
Now that the kid pen is done my main goal is to get the garden in before Butter kids. Today is a nice day and I should get a majority of it done while James takes the children to a surprise movie.
Today is also butchering day. Rooster number two must go. He has discovered he top dog now and the crowing is most annoying at 3:45AM. Maybe someday we'll have a coop that isn't within earshot of the bedroom window. I would like to incubate my own eggs someday but right now it isn't top priority and I just want eggs.

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