Friday, February 22, 2008


The tomato seeds I planted one week ago today have sprouted. They actually sprouted 2 days ago, ahead of schedule. The package says germination 6-14 days and they came through the soil on the 5th day. I'm so pleased. Like I said before, I've never done this before so this is VERY encouraging.


Lisa said...

I am sprouting my own seeds for the first time too! Well, not my "own" seeds, except for the basil, but seeds I ordered. I am very excited and feel like a new mother! Almost everything I've planted is up now, except for the Mexican Sour Gerkin cucumbers. I even have a second set of real leaves on the tomatoes.

I've alway bought seedlings and was limited by what the local place wanted to sell. i have high hopes for this season, if only it would rain regularly like it's supposed to!

Kelsey Anna said...

The tomatoes, (just like last year),
will taste great!
I can NOT wait till we see those yellow tomato flowers!