Sunday, February 3, 2008

Drying off

On the side bar under "Egg and Milk Counter" you will notice that it says zero pounds of milk. I have decided to start drying off Firefly in preparation for her kids. Some people dry their goats off for the entire time, this is a new idea. Typically they are kept milking until the last 2 months. Their bodies need that 2 month break to give all nourishment to th kid. They do the majority of their growing in the last 2 months. Well, I've decided to give her a little extra time. Because Butter was so picky and only drank from on teat her udder is very lopsided even now. So I thought it would do her udder good for a break and maybe go back to normal....I hope.
So for a week or so I'll milk just every other day and then every 3rd day for a few times and be done. When they both kid in the spring and I'm drowning in milk my cottage industry will be goat milk soap. Stay tuned for the new adventure this summer....St. Brigid Farm Goat Milk Soap.


Liz in Seattle said...

Ooh! Ooh! (waving hand, and getting in line for soap) :-)

Matt said...