Friday, February 8, 2008


My newly created T-shirt.
I just love it!

The idea came when I was preparing a gift for a family who buys my eggs. They told me a story once where their 2 year old daughter refused to eat some eggs they had to buy at the store. So this T-shirt is for Hazel Anna. Hazel Anna will get one as an "I'm a big sister now" gift, and the bib will go to her soon-to-be-born baby brother. To see all products go to St. Brigid Farm Cafepress store.


Mimi said...

I like it! And, congratulations to new nearly big sister!

Liz in Seattle said...

ROTFL! Consider me your second customer!!!

And I love Helen's artwork :-)

Off to shop!

Liz (arguably your biggest fan)

Michelle said...

I love it; especially the little onesie.