Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Nests

The new flock was in need of nests because they are now 14 1/2 weeks and could start laying anytime after 18 weeks. Typically it is closer to 20 weeks though. They recommend getting nests in early so that they get used to them and HOPEFULLY start using them instead of the floor.
My last set of nests that the current flock is using are made out of 5 gallon buckets. I got the idea from a book called The Self-Reliant Homestead. I set the buckets on their sides, attached a piece of wood to create a lip so the eggs wouldn't fall out. A year later I have 3 buckets that are used regulary and 2 of them don't have the wood piece attached any longer. The other 2 aren't used and they have 2 favorite corners on the floor and a bucket up high on the shelf that holds the oyster shells seems to be the place one chicken prefers. Well, this time around I found a different way to use the five gallon buckets that I think I like a LOT better. The Beginning Farmer gave me the idea back in early January and I thank him. I REALLY like how they turned out. Today was the day I cut made 7 buckets into nests and attached them to the wall in the coop. I place a board on top of them to prevent the chickens from roosting on top of the buckets. They recommend placing them low to the ground to encourage their use and not the floor. Something I did not do last time.

Below are just a couple pictures of "gentleman", the rooster that the girls have named. Charissa is holding him in the first picture.

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Liz in Seattle said...

But will you call him the Gentleman in May, when he crows regularly at 4:30 in the morning? I'm afraid I would be less generous... :-)