Monday, February 11, 2008

Rooster crows at dawn!

We decided that we'd take mom's camera out this morning, which has video capability on it, to see if we just might get lucky enough to hear the rooster. I couldn't wait for James to hear the Gentleman. So here you go, James! The crowing rooster is in the upper left corner. At one point his head is cropped off some, but you can still see him and hear him for sure. He still sounds quite pathetic but I'm told they just start out that way and with practice it gets better. :)

We cannot hear the rooster at all in our house with windows shut. Not sure what it will be like in summer at 5am. :) I just might put black blinds up over the windows!! ;)
The second rooster does not crow in this video but is seen at the lower right corner eating. He's the only other chicken with a bright red comb, so far.


JamesoftheNorthwest said...

That is too funny...does the other one sound the same?

Lisa said...

Love it! He sounds like a party horn! I could live with that if it didn't get any louder.

Susan Sophia said...

They sound about the same. Charissa pointed out though, that one is deeper than the other. But yeah, they both sound like party horns. I think with maturity he'll get a little louder and clearer. But I don't think I'll mind too much. We'll see. I might change my mind the first time he wakes me before I want to wake. Let's just hope the neighbors don't complain.

Liz in Seattle said...

Definitely party horns. Where's the hats and streamers?

Congratulations, I think. Does this mean you'll be able to hatch your own next summer? (I'm crossing my fingers for more eggs; after all, "I LOVE St. Brigid Farm Eggs!).

Anonymous said...

He is much more fancier then the other one...
But they are both roosters.
By the way, I LOVE THE EGGS TOO!
Kelsey Anna