Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bright and sunny day!

Today was absolutely gorgeous! Spring all over the place.
As I posted yesterday, we finally finished the garden fence and let the chickens in to do their job. Well, I thought they'd go directly to devouring the grass but they surprised me. In this first picture below you can see the beds that I have covered in litter from the goat stalls. It's there to decompose and fertilize the garden beds. This is what it's looked like for months.
Within 24 hours the chickens have done this to it!! They get to their scratching, digging and pecking and they have completely demolished the beds. Spreading the litter in every direction. It's pretty funny.
At first I thought great, thanks guys! But after further thought I've decided what they have done is completely aerate the decomposing matter which is actually a very good thing! Plus they've spread it to other areas that will need the extra fertilizer as I will be digging more beds this spring for an even bigger garden. So, thanks chickens. Here is a pic of a chicken working hard. If you look closely you can see the foot moving back and a bit pile of dirt flying through the air. It was taken by my mom.

Today we spent a great deal of time outside enjoying the weather. I pruned the apple trees and decided to finally plant the peach tree that I bought at the beginning of January. In the northwest corner of my garden there are 3 apple trees so I added the peach tree to that row and this is officially my "orchard" section of the garden! I would like to add a couple plum trees soon as well so I plotted where those would go to keep the spot available.
Nicholas enjoyed helping me plant that peach tree.

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Mimi said...

Enjoy the beautiful sunshine, it is busy at your farm.