Sunday, March 30, 2008

a LITTLE update and a pilgrimage

Today I planted seeds of Heinz tomatoes, Golden Nugget tomatoes, small sugar pumpkins, red peppers and acorn squash. My chickens are thoroughly enjoy tearing up the garden but now they need to come off of it so that it can rest for a week or so before I dig.
Firefly is protruding quite on bit and we can feel kid inside of her. It's really fun.
James did my feed store run this month. He came home with everything on my list including CD&T vaccines for the goats. They receives this before deliver. It is a tetanus and enterotoxemia vaccine. I really want to eventually become completely holistic (like Fias Co. Farms) but until I know more about what I am doing I think I'll better follow the standard treatments. Anyway, he came in with a little bag that had a vile of vaccines to go into the fridge and 10 syringes and needles. I said, "Oh, now I am officially a farmer. I have a stash of vaccines in my fridge." LOL
I think I have my limit of orders that I can take for Pascha(Eastern Orthodox Easter which is 5 weeks later than Western Easter). I have 3 dozen for one person and 2 dozen for another all for the same weekend and then I'll need 6 dozen myself for Pascha at Church. So mid-April is ordered out. Yeah! St. Brigid Farm eggs are becoming quite popular. I just may have to clear some land for more "free-ranching" space.

I'll be taking my girls on a little pilgrimage this week so I will not be around to make updates or egg counts. I'll return April 4th. Check back then.
See you next Friday.

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