Thursday, March 13, 2008

Finally! Pictures!

It's been quite a challenge with no picture downloading capabilities on our antique computer that has replaced the one that crashed. But last night James used his work laptop to put my pictures onto. Now you can SEE the updates.
In this picture you'll see what we've been working on this week. You can barely make out the path of rocks down the middle of the picture. If you follow it out you'll see where it ends and becomes trench with no rock. We had 100' of 6"-8" wide and 1' + deep trench down the middle of the barn yard to fill with drain rock. We dug the trench last fall and finally were able to fill it in. We bought a 100' perforated corrugated pipe to lay in the trench and then hauled rock to fill it in. It is finally done! This pictures was taken 1/2 way but it is complete now.

Last week I told you about our first egg, but I couldn't post a picture. Here, is the picture I took of that first egg. It is being compared to an egg laid by an old hen, a typical large/x-large egg. This wasn't too bad of a size for a first egg. Some of the others have been smaller.

Wednesday (3-12) was a gorgeous sunny day! As we hauled rock we were amused by the chickens who were relishing the rays of sunshine.

This group in particular, were fluffing it up and soaking in the rays. This middle chicken in the center has her tail feathers completely fanned out awhile a chicken looks on. If I saw correctly it almost looked like the one was picking out things from her feathers. LOL If you look closely behind them you'll see another chicken with her neck feathers all fluffed out out. She looks pretty funny. (you can click the pics to enlarge)

Charissa took this picture of a chicken who is in dire need of a face wash!

The beautiful colors of Gentleman really stand out in the sun.

One final picture of Mina, the farm dog, curling up after a long day of play. If you look carefully you'll see she is cuddled with a stuffed animal. I walked by her and did a double take. I couldn't believe she had her paws around that stuffed animal.

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Dawn said...

the trench looks really good. I love the pictures of Gentleman and Mina. :)