Saturday, March 8, 2008

Farm Updates

Egg count is going up. Over the last few days we've found 2 eggs in the new flock's nests each day!
We are still have computer problems and so I haven't taken the time to get downloading capabilities onto this old computer we are using to get pictures going. I need to soon though because so much of my farm blog is pictures showing what's going on.
The tomato seedlings are looking fairly well. I've never done this before though so I'm not all that sure what they should look like when they "look good". I have a 2nd set of leaves popping out, for whatever that's worth. I bought a bigger utility light with plant lights. I'll soon start another set of tomato seeds, also small sugar pumpkins, pepper and squash. Then digging begins.
But first, the biggest project is the trench we dug up in the fall. It's ready for rock that was delivered this week. This is to keep the barnyard dryer, we hope. If you'll recall we had some minor flooding this fall and even without that the barnyard is nothing but a mud pit. IF the weather cooperates we'll be loading rock into the trench this week.
The barn has been invaded and we are at war. James has been posting about our war in the barn, 1st post and 2nd post. These posts are quite funny.

Hopefully we'll have pictures soon of all of updating.

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Dawn said...

hello dear. i miss you. have you thought about barn cats?