Monday, March 24, 2008


On the 4th day of spring I decided to do some digging in two of our smaller raised bed. I thought I'd dig them up and then plant some seeds next week or so. But I decided to plant one row of spinach because it said 40 degrees was okay. We have had some uncharacteristic frost the last couple nights but I thought, what the heck, it's not typical and it will be the last. I want to plant a short row of spinach every other week or so until summer starts so we have lots of it...we eat spinach nearly everyday.
I wrapped things up and came in for my afternoon coffee break before starting "4 o'clock chores" and dinner. I sat down and next thing I know Charissa is running in the house yelling, "For the love of Pete, it's snowing!" Sure enough I go out just in time to see the END of the 30 second snow shower from the ONE big dark cloud that moved across the otherwise beautiful blue sky. Several large flakes fell from the sky and immediately disappeared while the girls danced about!
I did read though ( I just had to look) that the latest snow fall every recorded at Seatac was on April 17, 1972 when 1 1/2 inches fell.

So enough with the snow. The garden is started now so no more...and no more frost...we are ready for plants to grow.


Lisa said...

Here, here! I don't have much trouble with snow, but the alternating warm days and frost overnight is boring me now!

I do have some things in the garden, but would like to get some on my overflowing seedlings out of my studio and into the ground!!

Mimi said...

We had a flurry of big, fat flakes on Friday morning.