Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Okay, so I'm starting to really NOT like my rooster! I THINK that it is just because I worry about my neighbors. It's like when I get up in the morning and I moved around as quietly as I possibly can because I'm so relishing that quiet, peaceful solitude that is happening that I don't want to chance even for a moment that I might wake someone. Then there is that sudden slip of a book or pan or something that makes that loud bang to jar the stillness and I gasp, stop and wait to make sure no one stirs. (I really am this way in the morning...I hate noise in the morning....I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the quiet house.) Well, I think I must feel that way about the out of doors as well except it is not my children I fear will wake but the neighbor that sleeps right next door. But he won't get up and just leisurely begin to frolic about playing and singing and laughing. No, he'll be rather annoyed that the cotton-pickin' rooster wakes him at when it is still pitch black out, some 45 minutes before the actual sunrise. (He's only done this a couple times now.) And it is not just one crow, oh no!! It is crow after crow after crow. Like a broken record. Yesterday the smaller rooster of the 2 got over the fence into the other hen house and I found him there last night when I was locking them up. I was counting roosted chickens and came to a hault on the roost when I came to this big black bird! But in my counting I discovered that I think I am missing a chicken. I'm hoping I just lost count awhile back when I lost a couple chickens. Anyway, I couldn't catch him so I left him and I wonder if they are a bit discombobulated since he is in the wrong coop and that's why he's crowing.
I wish I didn't have neighbors RIGHT next door, a half mile down the road wouldn't be bad. Maybe some day we'll be wealthy enough, just enough, to buy the properties on either side of us. That would be cool.


Susan Sophia said...

Yes indeed, I am missing a chicken. I looked back in the archives and based on my posts I should still have 20 chickens and I only counted 19 last night. :(

Mimi said...

I didn't realize that you did have neighbors so close.

I'm sorry about the missing chicken. Maybe James put it up for Pascha?

Liz in Seattle said...

Coq a vin... :-)

JamesoftheNorthwest said...

Hey Mimi...

The coop is pretty much at the edge of our property and those neighbors' oldest son is living in an RV very close. My attitude is: RV's are "vehicles."


And that grin in no way implies I know anything about the missing chicken. Really, I don't. Seriously.