Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Egg count is up!! On Sunday we had 32! I just ordered more cartons for selling eggs but in the meantime we are out of cartons. If you read this and have an St. Brigid Farm egg cartons laying around please send them on home.
;) We are selling lots of eggs now. Soon I hope we will be on the profit side of the spectrum where the farm is concerned. I need to get my excel file transferred onto this 'puter to make the updates.

I've decided to start butchering next week to stock the freezer. I also plan on eating my roosters for Pascha! I think they will make a very tasty return to good meat eating. I just don't think they are worth keeping and the other day as I was headed in to fill their feeder the big rooster came tearing after me from across the yard! Stupid bird! I stayed behind the fence until he was done jumping up at me through the fence. Yeah, he'll be much better in my crockpot. It isn't worth it just to hatch my own eggs.

Firefly is really protruding on the sides, full of kids! It appears as if Butter is starting to fill out as well but it is still hard to tell. I'm busy preparing for the kidding season!

More to come!

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sugarcreekfarm said...

Hooray for eggs! We lived without them so long this winter that I'm still hoarding them and not selling any. Maybe by the time farmers market starts in May I'll be more ready to part with some :)