Thursday, April 24, 2008

Butchering Day

We butchered our big rooster yesterday and I didn't take one picture. I guess my hands were a bit messy and James didn't think about it either.
It went well. All I can say is that I hope the eviscerating gets easier with each chicken. He's nice and big and will be tasty Sunday afternoon.
It also makes me even more leery of commercially raised chicken as most of them are processed mechanically and I cannot imagine a machine doing what I did yesterday with any accuracy at all. And from what I read...they don't. So I think from now on we'll stick to our home grown variety.
We have one more to butcher but he is smaller and gentler and it is 5:45AM and I have yet to hear him which I find interesting.

Have a great day!


grammafaithie said...

after hearing he was attacking people, I imagine he will taste very good!!! I see it is 19 days and counting for Firefly's kidding! are you ready? Are you doing it yourself or have help?

Matt said...

Slaughter by machine? I had no idea. Doesn't seem right.

Liz in Seattle said...

Given that rooster's history, be careful he doesn't get you with a bone shard or something. Nibble a bite for me :-)

And ewwww! Pass the bleach water and the meat thermometer.