Saturday, April 19, 2008


A couple of days ago, APRIL 17th to be exact, we got a special weather statement warning us about freezing weather moving in. "Cover your veggie starts and your flowering shrubs." It is suppose to be cold from Friday the 18th to Thursday the 24th, with lows around 30, give or take a few degrees. This is unseasonably cold. And the funny thing is, last weekend (while I was enduring 95-100 in AZ) our thermometer on the back porch registered 77 and the kids wanted to play in the sprinkler! I laughed and giggled about this, I couldn't believe it. I told James, "We used to say to this type of thing while I was growing up, 'Only in Minneeesooota', because it happened a lot."
OK, well it gets better!!!!!
Yesterday right after dinner we see this white stuff falling from the sky!!!!
It snowed!
And snowed!
We only ('s APRIL 18th for petes sake) got an inch or 2 BUT here are the snow totals for around the Seattle area...mostly north of Seattle...
Clearview: 10.2" Woodinville: 6.5" Mill Creek: 6.2" Edmonds: 3.5" Shoreline: 3.5" Mukilteo: 2"

My friend, Liz, emailed last night that she had 3.5" of snow on her back deck as of about 9pm. She lives in Bothell where we used to live not long ago.

So as spring is well under way here in the Pacific Northwest with tulips beginning to bloom, my spinich WAS planted, my red flowering currant (picture below) covered and hummingbird fodder....we have snow!


Mimi said...

We had a baseball game cancelled this morning due to snow!

Be safe!

grammafaithie said...

YES, I guess you can't say "only in Minnesota" anymore - and here in Minnesota yesterday we were enjoying the sun and - well, warmer than WA! It sure can be pretty thought, don't ya' think?