Monday, July 28, 2008

Wheat to Bread

My uncle posed this question to my mother...
"If you raised one acre of wheat and there were 60 bushels of wheat per acre, how many loaves of bread could you get out of one acre of wheat?"

She asked me if I could figure it out and I did!! At first I thought, "why"?
But now that I know the answer it has really peaked my interest and curiosity. I wonder how hard it would be to raise an acre of wheat. An acre isn't really that much in the grand scheme of it all. I'm intrigued!

Oh did you want the answer?

3574.56 loaves of bread!!!!! (using my recipe that calls for approximately 15 cups of flour and makes 4 loaves of bread)
I would only need to make make an acre of wheat every 7-8 years! :) Or I could help feed a lot of people!

When looking for a picture of wheat field I found this statistic....
"One Oklahoma family can live 10 years off of bread produced by one acre of wheat" from the Oklahoma Farm Bureau.

Picture from NDSU website.


Marfa said...

That's amazing...a LOT of bread!

Matt said...

So, when do you start plowing?

Matushka said...

OK, can I just say that you are living our dream!!!!! What a beautiful farm! We just got back from your neck of the woods and wow, it is so beautiful!!!

We saw your Fr. and Matushka for a few hours one day. I do love them so!

The next time we come up to the NW (maybe next year) I want to come and see your farm!

My husband was impressed with the wheat statistic. We are dying to be farmers. The church and rectory sits on a little more than an acre, so we are trying to figure out what we can do with what we've got. :)

M. Michelle

Susan Sophia said...

It's good to meet you Matushka!
You are welcome, anytime, to visit our farm! It is such a work in progress. We even have a guest cabin we are finishing up. We put it up last year but are still finishing it. It is finished enough to sleep in now.
Here's the post of our "barn-raising"....of the guest cabin.

Xenia Kathryn said...

Hey Susan,
I'm so sorry this is so late, but may little Firefly's memory be eternal. I'm sorry to hear of her passing.

I always visit your other blog, but forget to visit your farm blog (shame on me!!). You and your family are amazing-- a true inspiration and example in these increasingly dismal times.
By the way, I LOVE the gifts you sent! We use the tote bag as our diaper bag-- truly! We have a strange love affair for canvas bags, so your gift was just perfect and very much appreciated!!