Monday, July 28, 2008

Flowers Around the Farm

The first spring we lived here on the farm, which was only a year ago, we discovered many, many perennial flowers that bloomed. Many of these we have no idea what they are. Here are some beauties. Some I know, others I don't. Which is where you come in. Check out the ones I don't know and let me know if you recognize any. Thanks!

So many perennials popped up everywhere that I often mistook them for a weed and last year (our first year) I'm sure many ended up in the compost because of this. This is one of them. As it grew in the bed I just saw these big huge leaves and thought "weed". So off it went. This year we decided to see what became of it and we let it alone. Early on, before any flowers at all, Kelsey was able to identify it as Foxglove. Foxglove grows around these parts like a weed. You see it all over the place along roadsides. It is so beautiful. It gets very tall, taller than me. Below, you will see something hiding inside a flower. It's really neat. Do you see it?

I THINK this next flower is a Phlox but I'm not 100% sure on that. It's tall(about 3' or so) and the flowers are about the diameter of a quarter or maybe a little bigger when fully open. The whole cluster of them is so full. Do you think it's a Phlox or something else?

This next flower is a mystery. It is a creeping sort of vine all over the beds around the front yard. I just had a thought that it might be a creeping phlox. When I researched the above flower I learned that there is a creeping phlox. Maybe that is what it is?

And last but not least is this weed (?) that I found in the garden. If it is a weed is one of the most beautiful weeds I've ever seen. It is very small and dainty. What caught my eye was the leaves, which kind of didn't look like leaves because, although very small, they were thick. Look at the shape of the leaf.

This next picture is taken from above and it reminds me of an exploding firework. Any ideas what it could be?

Let me know if you recognize any of these!


Mimi said...

The only one I can help with is foxglove, sorry.

But, beautiful!

Kirsten Grace said...

Hmm, I tried to post this once, let's try again.
The first picture under the foxglove is a campanula maybe (?), but not a phlox. The second is a wild geranium--Geranium dissectum (the geraniums in grocery stores are in the same family, but are really pelargoniums). The third is called Shepherd's Purse--Capsella bursa pastoris. The heart-shaped seeds are in one photo, the flowers in last. Hope that helps!

she who must be obeyed said...

Careful with the foxglove - I LOVE it, but it does contain a poison, so make sure your little ones know not to play with it. It can be very dangerous if ingested.