Monday, January 21, 2008

Today's To-Do List

Today is a holiday and so James is home. The clouds are gone for now, the sky is blue and it is COLD--26 degrees. But the main ingredient is the rain! So today here is what we have planned!
Typical morning barn chores:
-open up coop for chickens throwing them several cups of corn scratch
-check their food and water and fill as needed (Charissa is to help with chickens and chick feeding)
-refill nests with cedar shavings and spread thin layer of shavings on ground in coop
-throw chickens a small square of hay for green munching(in the summer we throw them grass clippings)
-feed chicks (in the barn)
-feed goats new hay and get their grain ready for milking
-milk Firefly while Butter eats her grain
At this point Kelsey comes out to:
-muck out goat stall and check their water
-I take milk in to strain and cool
We'll take a brief break before heading back out to:
-finish putting poultry netting on new coop where needed
-James will construct the coop door and put it up
-construct roosts inside new coop
-spread shavings in new coop
-transfer food and water to new coop
-transfer 43 chicks from the barn stall to their new coop!!!!

If there is time after all that we will:
-set up a temporary fence around the new coop so chicks can begin to go outside right away
-start setting posts for garden (which the chickens will also roam)

The list looks long but the first part of typical chores usually only takes about 30-45 minutes if you include Kelsey's part only takes about 20 minutes. We'll be in the house by 8:30-9:00. And the coop set up shouldn't take more than a 2-3 hours (I am very much an optimist when it comes to guessing time like that though--I tend to underestimate thinking we are super heroes).

The weather should be dry, sunny and cold all week! We hope to accomplish a lot outside this week. Namely fencing the garden! I also want to completely muck out the old coop and put fresh shavings down.

Have a great day!

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