Friday, January 18, 2008


We've not had a rooster up until now. The last flock (our first) was rooster-less. Here is our big guy. We are 99.9% sure he is a rooster because he is much bigger than the rest of them. He has amazing color and his tail feathers are long and puffy. We'll see if he starts crowing soon.

Now, I need to explain that in this picture he is surrounded by Rhode Island Reds. He is not a Rhode Island Red, he is a Black Austrolorp...the other Black Austroplorps are ALL black with not a speck of red anywhere.

The kids are excited because they think then we'll hatch chicks but I'm not sure we will keep him. We'll see. I do not think he can keep up with 42 hens, there really should be at least 2 of them. I might order 2 roosters on purpose next time because it would be fun to do all our own hatching from now on.

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Dawn said...

how does that work with the eggs for eating, vs eggs for hatching?