Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Moving Day

We accomplished much of what we wanted to accomplish yesterday. We didn't do anything on the list after the "if there is time" because by the time we go to that part it was time to make dinner. But we got done enough to call it "Moving Day" for our 43 chicks (that no longer look like chicks).
The coop is complete!

Kelsey moving the first chick.

We began moving the chicks one at a time from the barn to the new coop. After a bit we decided this would take too long so James got creative.
He used a big bucket and hauled 3 at a time. They were terrified and would hunker down in the bucket. They looked dead.
Charissa moving chicks...one by one.

Here they are settling into their new home.
I hope to get their outdoor fencing started today. Although it is so cold I'm not sure they'll venture out.

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Liz in Seattle said...

Woohoo! Congratulations! So the party's at the new coop, eh? I see they've even got a keg...

Maybe I should just go drink my coffee...