Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Here in Western Washington we boast that we can work year through. We aren't stopped by mounds of snow or freezing temperatures. We just get the rain and who can't work in rain? Well, I tell you, rain produces mud! Mounds and mounds of mud! I'm really quite sick of the mud! The path up to the chicken coop is getting worse by the day, thick, sinking mud! Well, we can't let it stop us especially when you have antsy children and ever-growing chicks needing a new home. The last 2 days have been very lovely! Sunny skies and mild temps, well somewhat mild anyway. We've spent a great deal of time outside. The kids can ride their bikes here year round. Here is what happens when one rides bike in the winter in Western Washington!

And one more muddy moment story. Mina is nearly 6 months old now and is quite clumsy sometimes. She is our livestock guardian dog, if you weren't sure. She is being trained to be around the livestock and she is strictly an outdoor dog. We put her in with the goats several times a day and they are getting used to her as well. Well, the other day we were out with her in the goat yard and she was running around like lightening. It is quite muddy in some areas. She tripped over her own feet and dove head first into the mud! It was hilarious!!! Here is "Muddy Mina". It was really hard to get a picture of her!

The next 5 days look clear and sunny. Keep a watch for a finished coop and a chick move!

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JamesoftheNorthwest said...

I think we need to get mud flaps for the bikes. Mina, however, is on her own to learn how not to trip over herself.