Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Corn is Growing!!

I rarely grow corn in my garden.  It takes up a lot of room and it seems you must grow a lot to make it worth the while. Plus, in our environment, it's kind of like tomatoes...not hot enough for long enough.

But this year I was inspired to try it once again.  I was inspired by this book:
 In here she says you can plant corn into June yet.  
Then I was further inspired by a gentleman at Church who has been gardening forever.  He planted his corn in May and because of our amazingly warm spring it is already 4 inches or more high.  

So I decided to give it a go.

I took a tip out of the above book and "pre-sprouted" the corn.  I put the whole package of seed in between some wet paper towel.  I watered it to keep it moist until I saw little sprouts coming out of the corn.  ( I wish I had taken a picture.)

On Friday, June 12th, I planted my pre-sprouted corn in the ground.
Today here is a picture of the corn, poking it's way out of the soil,  only 5 days after planting it.
I think this is pretty cool!  I'm excited to see how this adventure in corn goes.


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Mimi said...

Ohhh, looking forward to hearing more!