Monday, June 15, 2015

Wretched Racoons

My new flock of chickens loves to roost in the window of their coop.  The picture below is one of my favorites.  They are so cute sitting up there in the window. 
 This next picture shows the edge in the window that they roost on.  The chickens are much bigger now, nearly full grown.

 Just 2 nights ago we discovered that the racoons also like the look of the chickens sitting up on that ledge in front of 1 inch chicken wire.  And one inch is just big enough for those wretched creatures to reach through and try to nab a chicken. 
Sunday morning I found a pile of feathers and blood on the outside of the coop, and a dead chicken on the inside.
On Sunday evening I discovered one chicken has a big wound on her back.

And this morning, Monday, I found yet another very wounded on her leg and foot.  She can hardly walk.  This one appears to be a very old wound that is NOT doing well.  I cannot say for sure that this wound was caused by a racoon but there is dried blood on her and it's pretty nasty so I am guessing it is.  And it shows that the racoons have been here more then once recently.
When I discovered these poor chickens I was so upset.  It's one thing to have a chicken just up and die, this doesn't bother me.  I even butcher my own chickens. But to find them mutilated and tortured (trying to be pulled through a one inch mesh is pure torture) is completely different and I have struggled with this emotionally.

I have fixed the window sill so it off limits to the girls now.  But I'm still quite concerned about these wretched racoons.  We have actually seen one on our property several times in the last few weeks.  This is rarity. But could it be a sign of a big fight to come.  I think so.

I miss my dog Killick!  While he was here we never saw the coons.
Bey can't be trusted to roam and protected. Some guard dog he is.


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Martha said...

I'm so sorry...we had a mystery killing here, was our barred rock, black and white chicken! I found a baby peregrine falcon in there a few weeks after and have a feeling it might have been one of our own chickens who got upset (although they lived together for 2 years) or a falcon who somehow got in the coop!