Saturday, June 13, 2015

Turkeys Arrive

We have embarked on a new adventure here at St. Brigid Farm....

We've never had such an adventure here although we have always wanted to. I, for one, am very excited to watch these cuties grow into a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.  

 I went to the feed store to get chick starter for my little gals, and I ended up "rescuing" 7 loan leftover turkeys. They really aren't the breed I wanted, I wanted a heritage breed, but for the first efforts at raising turkeys, these will have to do. 
 I say rescue because they are a few weeks old, one is 5 weeks, and a few of them have some wounds due to living in too close of quarters. At least that is what they said at the feed store. The wounds aren't open wounds but rather scabbed over.
 I do have some concerns for their health because of these wounds. I've already begun applying some herbal salve to them.  My salve has calendula, garlic and tea tree oil (plus carrier oil).  We'll see if that helps them heal. 
  If the problem was indeed crowded living space then their new home should help.  They are currently in a large hutch but hopefully in a week or 2 I can allow them to go outside.

Come back often to see how they grow!

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