Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring has sprung on the farm!

Spring officially arrived sometime on Friday, March 20th. On the first full day of spring we had beautiful sunny skies and temps in the 50's. It was a lovely day to be outside working in the garden and soaking up the sun. I gave Kelsey Anna free reign with the camera for awhile to take pictures of "spring". This is her portfolio.

The photographer.

Here are 2 pictures of our Red Flowering Currant. The Hummingbirds LOVE these and I can't wait to start seeing those tiny little birds around. I've had one come to the feeder 2x but the feeder wasn't ready. So I brought it in and scrubbed it up and will put it back out today.

Mina is enjoying the sunshine.

Here is our first sprout in the garden...radish. We have several sprouting and also have spinach coming up.

Here is Butter waiting for a tree branch to munch on.

I had to put this somewhat blurry picture in because it shows very well how big Butter is getting. I'm afraid she won't fit through the very small opening in the barn very much longer. We will have to widen it for her.

Here we have the gentleman rooster with his brood.

Killick would like to get his paws on that rooster. :)

Kelsey found these tiny little mushrooms growing up through the cracks in the deck.

Dandelions are definitely a sign of spring. We've had them coming around for several weeks now.

Last but not least, Charissa and one of her many frogs she catches on a daily basis. She is REALLY into frogs right now. We make her release them back to the pond but she just loves catching frogs.


grammafaithie said...

this is pretty cool, Sue!! I can't wait to get out there! time does NOT fly when you want it to!

Marfa said...

I've enjoyed all the wonderful photos....from the radish sprout to the dogs!