Thursday, March 5, 2009


Red Flowering Currant

Spring is in the air!

Last Saturday, FEBRUARY 28th, I planted the first of my garden! I had heard talk around town about people planting peas by mid-February and so I got my seeds out and did some research and found several things that say "as soon as the soil is workable". So we prepped the 2 raised beds we have, one is covered with a tent, and started to plant.

In the bare bed we planted radishes, spinach and peas. The peas will climb the green trellis to the right. We planted only one or 2 rows so that we can do some successive planting.

In the tented bed we planted carrots. When I created this bed I didn't plan well and forgot to leave a way to work the bed. So I had to improvise and I have a small little path down the middle. This tent is where I am going to experiment with some peppers this summer. They need HOT and this tent will get hot during the summer. I really would love some red peppers.
It is still cold and I've never planted this early but I'm really excited to try this. The spinach package even says 40 degrees is great for germination. I'm going to see what else I can plant under the tent right now as it has been getting into the 60's under that tent during the day.
Happy Spring!

Don't forget to "spring forward" this weekend! I'm looking forward to the longer evenings to work outside!

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JamesoftheNorthwest said...

And then it promptly snowed and dropped to below freezing temps.