Sunday, March 15, 2009

Goats, Roosters, Gardening and Winter

Winter is still upon us. I'm home with a very sick boy today and watching big fat flakes of snow fall from the sky. I think we've gotten about 2 inches so far this morning, completely unexpected. I planted peas, spinach, radishes and carrots last week. And now I have 2+ inches of snow on the ground. We've had the strangest winter. Snow is not typical for us and this winter I think we've gotten well over 2 feet of snow total. Very strange.
Butter with her bulging belly.

Butter has 7 weeks to go until her due date. She is looking mighty pregnant, my guess is at least twins but wouldn't be surprised to see triplets. This is what Firefly looked like a month before kidding last year and she had triplets. I've been comparing Butter to her. So we'll see what Butter looks like at a month before kidding.

I still don't know if Brie is pregnant, probably won't until late May or even due date. If she didn't take then we'll breed her early this fall.

The rooster is looking mighty handsome these days and keeps the ladies in line. We actually have 2 roosters and I'm ready to put them in the freezer. I've decided I don't really like roosters. I wish I had some chicken tractors to put some hens in with him so we could incubate eggs. In a chicken tractor I don't have to walk around him and worry about him becoming mean. The new flock of 23 hens should start laying eggs any day now. I keep looking for that first egg, I'm surprised it hasn't been arrived yet.

Kelsey and I are busy planning our seed purchases. She has taken an interest in herbs and has been reading lots about herbs and their medicinal uses. She is finding it fascinating. This is our list of sees to buy:
Purple Coneflower (echinacea)
Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans (our favorite)
Golden Bantam sweet corn
Early Pink Popcorn (first time with this)
Yellow squash

These seeds we have already:
Gold Nugget Cherry Tomato (start inside this week)
carrots sunflower seeds
Acorn Squash
Lemon Cucumber
Pickling Cucumber
Slicing Cucumber
Small Sugar Pumpkin

We have big plans, I just hope the snow stops coming and we have a decent spring for planting and a warm summer. I also have plans to take the lawn on the east side of the house (in the snow picture it's the big open space down the middle) and till it all up this spring for more garden. I'm feeling very ambitious but with the economy the way it is one cannot be too prepared.

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Mimi said...

I hope your sick boy feels better soon.

I was surprised to wake up to snow here too.