Monday, June 9, 2008

Nearly a week old!

I can't believe how fast time goes. We have become SO much busier than I ever imagined with all these new animals and now milking 2 goats two times a day.
We are waking at 5 AM to prepare for the day. At first I was out and milking by 5:30AM but I have slowly started changing that as I have found that 5:30AM/PM is not really doable for us. There is Church some evenings at that time and dinner used to be on the table when daddy got home at 540PM. So I've decided that 8:00AM/PM is going to be a much better schedule for us when it comes to milking. It leaves the evenings free for services if need be and dinner on time. I might change my mind after working those times for awhile. I'm not sure that there really will be a perfect time ever. There will always be some conflict, BUT we are farmers now and we need to accept that we are stuck on the farm most of the time.
We will be making the switch slowly so as not to cause too much problem in the goats, such as engorgement and decline in milk production.
Speaking of milk production, I am now getting 2 gallons of milk a day between the two goats. Most of it is from Firefly, Butter is giving only 1 quart each milking. Her teats are SO small I can hardly milk anything out of them.
Here are some pictures....the ones of Butter and her new kids are about 5 days old but I wanted to post them because you can really see how much they all three look alike!
Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you....
Introducing Snowcap and Brie!
Charissa named the doe Brie to go along with all the dairy names for our does. And guess who named the little Buck....daddy.

Here is little Brie being fed by Charissa.

Here we are all, feeding the kids. From the front of the picture you Charissa feeding Brie ( you can't see Brie though), Nicholas is feeding John, Kelsey is feeding Feta, I am feeding Lefty and Joseph is feeding Snowcap.

I just thought this was a cute picture...Kelsey and Feta.

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Liz in Seattle said...

What Sue doesn't mention is how FAST those goats can suck it down. Vacuum cleaners aren't in it. It's almost as bad as James and his beer... ;-)