Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Birthing day?

Butter's ligaments are gone and her milk is coming in. She is acting strange. This is her first kidding and she is probably wondering what the heck is happening to her.

"What's this enormous thing hanging down under me?"

I pray that instinct will kick in and she will become a very good mother. My guess is that it will be single birth sometime today. When we noticed Firefly's ligaments completely gone she kidded 10-12 hours later. At 1:30AM she had ligaments, at 5:30AM she didn't.

She is resting for the big event. Firefly is with her for moral support and also is experiencing some of those sympathy pains, etc. She is laying there right along with Butter moaning and what not just like she did when she was very big in pregnancy. So I think she is just being sympathetic.

And I just had to show you these cute little kids curled up and resting in their little cave.

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Liz in Seattle said...

Go Butter! And go Sue! Keep us all posted :-)