Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ag Update

We had a very busy weekend with going to a Civil War Reenactment and of course everyday farm duty.
Here are a couple pictures from the Civil War Reenactment. Nicholas brought his toy rifle and wanted to join in the fun. James caught him on camera and it is so cute. He'd pretend he was in the battle and would cock his gun and shoot every now again. Work real hard at aiming too. Here you can see the Union in the background as they start the battle.

At the confederate camp we ran into a woman that was making rope and she let the children help her so they could learn.

Now to the farm. We have had many days without rain...yeah! My beans are sprouting up and so are my cucumbers...FINALLY! I still have many rows of beans to plant. I know it is very late but this weather has been horrible. I'm just praying that since spring/summer didn't start until mid-June that maybe we can have it extend into fall. Please!?
Our 3 remaining kids are growing in leaps and bounds. Sorry no photo right now. John and Feta are almost 6 weeks old and will be weaned in another 2-3 weeks. Brie is 3 weeks tomorrow.
Butter and Firefly continue to give me over 2 gallons of milk a day and with the 2 kids gone I have way more than enough milk. I've started making mozzarella and ricotta cheese. I know you want to buy some, Matt, I'm just not sure I can sell my cheese and even if I could how would I ship it. So let me work on all of that. I do plan on making soap soon so keep that in mind. I've also discovered an amazing moisturizer when I make mozzarella cheese. You have to knead it and by the time I'm done my hands have never felt so good. If you saw my hands you would know what I mean. I am constantly washing my hands and I don't wear gloves when I work outside unless I'm hauling manure or pruning something thorny. I just know there has got to be something sellable in that whey that is squeezing out of the mozzarella. Stay tuned.
Below you can see our resident Douglas squirrel. There are actually 2 or 3 that hang out in the big cedar out front. We've been wondering if there is a mating pair out there and we've determined, after looking at this picture closely, that this is definitely a female and she has a little
kits somewhere. I just read they usually have 4.

She is not afraid of us! Look at how close Kelsey got!

Have a great week!!!

Pssstttt...someone turns 40 in 4 days.

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Kelsey Anna said...

Yeah the thing I am studying after the Oregon Trail are squirrels and chipmunks. I remember the chipmunk when we were camping at mt. Rainer. He lived in an old stump. He would pop in and out so we all called him Peek-a-boo. I love how I got so close!
Well I have to go eat breakfast!