Monday, June 1, 2009

Slugs must go!

The slugs here in the Pacific Northwest are ferocious! If you haven't heard my story of how I collected over 200 in one evening last summer then I'll spare you the disgusting details. Especially the part where I left them in the coffee can on the front porch the next day in the sun.

Anyway, I fight slugs. I've not done too much up until now (except the incident mentioned above). But I'm determined to have a full garden this year so I'm off to slug war.

My arsenal?

Beer and small containers.

We take the containers out and dig a little into the ground so they are flush with the ground. Buy the cheapest beer possible! Fill the container.

Watch the slugs come from miles around. They can't resist!

This picture is actually kind of cool if you click on it to enlarge.

I found about 40 slugs total in my 7 traps the first morning.

I changed the fullest ones the next night but left the others. I got a bunch more in the 2 traps I changed out but didn't count. The others need to be changed. I don't think the slugs are out full force yet, I expect this is just the beginning of the battle!

More gardening update soon.


Liz in Seattle said...

Just don't let James hang out in the lawn chair with an open Snow Cap on the grass ;-)

Hilarius said...

Susan (and James!):

I have also used the beer trap (small jelly jars) - so far the slugs seem to like Budweiser American Ale slightly over Corona Light, but either works well enough to have saved my poor ravaged broccoli and lettuce and all has made a good comeback!

I also hear that planting marigolds on the perimeter of your garden fairly densely will create a barrier to slugs as they don't like the odor, or something that the plant gives off.

I hope you have a good growing season!

In Xp,

-Eric John

Matt said...

Best use of PBR I've seen.