Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brie kidded today!

We had a very exciting day. After 2 1/2 weeks gone, James returned home from Uganda today. And approximately 6 hours later Brie gave birth to a beautiful little doeling that has been named Heidi! She was 2 days early!
She is a perfect mother! She took right to her baby and has been very attentive.

Here she is just seconds old!

These 2 pictures are beautiful pictures of bonding. My other 2 goats that I have experienced birthing with didn't take to their babies. Last year both mothers rejected their babies. With Firefly I think she was just overwhelmed with triplets. Butter, well, maybe we didn't try hard enough. And this year with Butter I purposely separated her from her babies because she had a terrible rash on her udder that I was unsure about. So, this is our first experience with a mama letting her baby nurse.

Brie is a very proud mama!

Here is Heidi latched on perfectly!

When I left the barn at nearly 10pm she had suckled several times and they seemed to be doing well together. I'm hopeful all will go well in the night.


Liz in Seattle said...

Congratulations!!! Looking forward to meeting the young lady :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh how exciting! Now that school's out, I will have to come visit some time!


Michelle M. said...

How beautiful!!

We saw some lambs a few weeks ago that had just been born. It was amazing. I hope things continue to go well for the mama and her little one.

sheriemcm said...

she looks just like her mama