Thursday, August 28, 2008


John and Feta have been sold!

I've been trying to sell John for about a month now. It can be hard to sell a wether this time of year. In the spring I guess they are easy to sell because there are families wanting them for 4-H but not now. Anyway, I decided that I really don't need 3 dairy goats. I can hardly keep up with the one I have because I am getting 1 gallon a day from her. I can't imagine getting close to 3 gallons of milk a day. So I thought that maybe if I sold them as a pair I might entice a family who doesn't have anything right now but wants to start a dairy. Because you need at least 2 goats so they don't get lonely, they are herd animals and need companionship, I thought that this would be the perfect set up for such a family. That is exactly what I attracted! After listing them as a pair I had 3 emails within 24 hours. I am very excited about the family we sold them to. They have 4 young boys, the oldest looked maybe 9 and the youngest 3 or 4. They instantly loved the goats and the boys were very comfortable around them. The goats all behaved nicely and didn't even jump but did lots of sniffing and wanting attention. They still need to finish their fencing and shed for the goats so they paid me full price and will pick up the goats either Saturday or Monday depending on when they finish.


Lisa said...

Congrats on selling John and Feta!! So glad they went to a good family.

One question... if goats are herd animals and you sold 2 out of the 3, aren't you left with only one lonely goat?

Susan Sophia said...

I had 3 dairy goats and one wether, so I will still have 2 dairy goats.
Butter and her daughter Brie.

John is a wether (buck that is fixed).

Kelsey Anna said...

I will miss the little jumpy babies. And it is too bad that we are selling Feta because we all agreed that she was the prettiest of the bunch. Her dark colors prove it. I love Feta and Johnny and I asked my grandmother to quill a picture of both of them together. I love them so much!
Kelsey Anna

Lisa said...

I see! Good to know that nobody will be lonely!

Kelsey Anna said...

Brie is out there crying for her playmates, but she will be alright in a couple days with Butter around. Feta and John will have to get used to their new home also. They will be crying for a while but they will be okay.
Kelsey Anna