Monday, August 18, 2008

Ag Update

Life on the "farm" is busy. Sometimes I feel silly calling it a farm but I think it is just because growing up a "farm" was my uncles 60 cow dairy on 100's of acres in the middle of Wisconsin. So compared to that, this really isn't a farm. But to us, it is a farm nonetheless. Above is a picture of all my girls...oh and one wether (I really would like to sell him...not sure I'd like goat meat...but we might have to try it).

Despite being way behind schedule because of late spring winter weather, the garden is doing well. This picture is of beans and corn. The corn is varied in size. Some of the stalks are as tall as I am and some aren't even to the knee. There is no corn on the stalks yet so I don't know if they'll go anything at all. I've never done well with corn for some reason. Last year some told me it was because we didn't thin them and they were too crowded. This year we thinned but still nothing. But it was the first year I grew "open-pollinated" sweet corn and maybe they need something special I'm unaware of.

My cucumber are finally flowering and I have tiny tiny cucumbers on the vines now. They are so cute.
I have 32 tomato plants. I'm very worried about fall weather approaching and not giving my tomatoes time to finish, especially since our late start. This week we are to have "a strong and wet pacific storm more typical of autumn" move in tonight through Wednesday. I hope to get SOME of my tomatoes under cover but with 32 of them I'm going to have trouble getting them all. Tomatoes don't like wet leaves.

I have a couple plants that are called "Stupice", a friend gave me two plants, and they have the funkiest tomatoes forming on them. She says they always do.

I have 3 apples trees all covered with apples. And they are looking really good. Last year we harvested 32 pounds from 2 trees....I really think we'll double that or more this year.

And last but not least. Since you did such a great job naming my flowers before I thought I'd throw this one out there for naming. I found the VINE growing in one of my flower beds. Beautiful little yellow flower, some are white. Anyone know what it is called?


Mimi said...

The tomatoes look awesome. And just think, if they don't ripen, you can always have fried green tomatoes, which are very yummy.

Threeundertwo said...

The tomatoes may surprise you and finish in time.

We went to a pet store to get food for our frogs. When they were tiny we gave them little pellets. When the survivor got bigger, he could handle small crickets and worms. I think in the wild tiny frogs eat tiny bugs in the water.

Matt and Cyndi said...

Goat is good eating. I like it BBQd. Also, it is good in chile verde. scraps go in the sausage, of course.

she who must be obeyed said...

That lovely vine is honeysuckle - one of my favorites as a child. Pick the flower, then gently pull the stamens from the back of the flower and a little tiny drop of sweet nectar will fall on your tongue. The kids LOVE them! Your tomatoes look great! Ours did not do well this year, and the past 3 weeks have been completely dry, so there is not much left of our garden. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I look forward to seeing more pix of your farm! We have 5 acres, but no livestock (unless you count the children :), just a big garden and a few dogs :)