Friday, October 3, 2014

Morning Chores

As I begin to develop new habits I’ve begun making “morning chores” part of the plan.  There are animals that all need attention first thing in the morning.  Pigs interestingly sleep in.  They are in no rush to get out of their warm beds to forage around until I get there.  This has allowed me to at least wait till it’s light and bright out.  

I remember when I was growing up we’d visit my uncle’s dairy farm and there was “chore time” twice a day.  They’d head out to the barn at 5am whether it was bright out or not.  I’m thankful pigs aren’t calling so early.

Bey needs to be walked and we take him to the chicken yard to run free before the chickens are let out.  

Pigs are fed warm water mixed in with their grain.  It’s been chilly in the mornings now so I think it’s nice to give them a warm mush for breakfast.  Today I headed to the garden and dug up one row of bean plant to give them as well.  They love it!

Chickens are let out, fed and watered.  Lately I’ve noticed that there is one lone chicken who likes to roost in the rafters.

I’ve been enjoying this morning routine.  It only takes 20-30 minutes but with so much garden clean up to do this fall I’ve decided to make that time slot a full hour.  It is a really great way to be outside first thing in the morning taking in the fresh air, enjoying God’s creation and get the work done.  
I’m very grateful for this October sun we’re having right now, giving me an opportunity to get some extra work done outside.  

 Hopefully today we will get Bey’s permanent run finished.  Stay tuned.

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Cristina said...

Very lively morning routine. I remember when I was little my grandparents had similar routines. Me and my family are living in an apartment right now, but we dream to live one day in a farm and lead a real life with garden and animals. May God bless you and give you strength and courage!