Friday, October 14, 2011

Farmers Tribute

There is a picture of my cousins farm in this video that someone created. I took this picture last summer, 4 months before it burned down. I blogged about our trip here. The first picture of that post is the one in the video. VERY cool video, a Tribute to Farmers. I don't know how they got the picture. I suppose just surfing the web.
I blogged briefly about the fire here. They still struggle through this, almost a year later.


Marfa said...

So...I really enjoyed the photos from your visit there...and then after the fire, you wrote that "no one got hurt" I hope you mean people as well as cows...if the barn burned down, were the cows out in the pasture? I hope all is okay. We got 2 chickens a couple of weeks ago!

Susan Sophia said...

Hi Marfa!
If you read the post about the fire I really did mean no one as in humans only. Unfortunately, their livelihood died in that fire. It's been nearly a year and they are still healing.
Please continue to keep them in prayer as they continue to heal and make decisions about their future.