Thursday, November 18, 2010


Fall is here and well on its way out the door.
With its arrival it brought incredible busyness.
This is actually nothing new.
What fall brings here to the farm...
beautiful color and than deep darkness,
lush harvest and then barrenness,
over abundance of production and than not enough.
We look forward to the light that will enter the world once again.
We take the time now to reflect, to dream and to plan.
Once again, very soon, the earth will bring forth abundant color and provisions.
My prayer and dream is that it will be far better than the past year.


Mimi said...

Beautiful photos.
We grow incredible mushrooms too :)

Marfa said...

Our backyard is barren, too. It is sad, because it was so full...just 2 months ago. We have green tomatoes lining the windowsills...some are turning a pinkish red!