Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Garden ready to go

It is May 4th and we woke up to frost! Yuck! But thankfully all is well in the garden. Over the last week I've worked really hard getting the beds all ready. I doubled the size of my garden beds this year from 6 to 12! I'm really excited. I have greens coming up now, plus peas and radishes. I hope this cold spell (to last a couple nights) won't slow things down too much.Here are the blueberries blooming!

And my one lone chive plant.

I love spring but am really looking forward to summer!!!


Marfa said...

Oooh...the blueberry blossoms are so cute! I debated about whether to get blueberry bushes. We got strawberry and raspberry...and I want to get blackberry!

Alexandra Kiang said...

Beautiful, now I'm jealous.