Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Decisions are made

I have made the decision to sell the goats. This was huge! But now that I've made the decision and we've talked it over with the children it is all accepted and everyone is fine with it.
The farm plans have just changed. We've not "given up" on the farming idea we are just changing our focus. After a lot of thought and research I've determined that where I really would love to put my focus is in the poultry business. We've got a real niche market it seems and if I expand the flock I am certain that I can actually earn a decent part-time income. We are going to get our business license and register our name, St. Brigid Farm, and apply for an egg-handlers permit (which really doesn't involve anything but filing a form with the state).
I will be somewhat sad to see the goats go but am I very excited about the future of the poultry business.
I have sold 3 of the 5 goats already and we have Brie and her baby left.


Liz in Seattle said...

Goodbye, wonderful goats! And hello, new chapter in the dream! :-)

Matt said...

Sounds like you made a good decision.

sheriemcm said...

tell me about the egg handlers permit....and how are you advertising your eggs?

sorry to hear the goats are leaving. But you are right to invest in the part of the farm you enjoy and you can make money at! take care, sherie