Wednesday, May 13, 2009


...Singeli and Pepperjack

Yes, I know I told you of their birth but I didn't officially introduce them by name.
So here you have it...Singeli is the little doe that has less white on her mid-section. In the picture above she is on the right. Below, she is on the ground. Singeli comes from a story we read recently in an Elves and Fairy book called "Singeli and the Silver Slippers". In the story Singeli is a goatmaiden and makes cheese and butter aplenty.

Pepperjack (or Jack for short) is a favorite cheese of James' and just fit well. He is on the stump in both of these pictures. Most likely Jack will be sold.

Here is a funny picture of mommy goat smiling at the camera.

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Marfa said...

What great photos!!! I like their names and how you explained both of them...I imagine this is a busy time for you between the goats and gardening!