Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bred Brie Today

Well, I THINK Brie is bred. She showed many signs of heat. We took her to the buck. She stood but only for brief seconds and experience says that SHOULD be long enough but well, it's hard to imagine that it really is long enough.

So we'll see. IF she took she is due June 12th.

So the 2 dates to watch for seeing baby kids around St. Brigid Farm:
May 1st
June 12th


Marfa said...

Do you drink the goat's milk or use it for making soap, cheese, etc? Do you ever eat goat's meat? We would like to get some, for milk mainly, but I don't know if we could use it instead of cow's milk.

Susan Sophia said...

Yes, we drink it and make cheese. I'd like to try to make soap someday but haven't been brave enough yet because of the lye and burning, etc. I'll do it some day.
The milk is GREAT! All my children love except my oldest and she does love it within a day or 2 of milking though. The longer it sits in the fridge the more it tastes goaty. If you drink it the day of milking it is soooooo good! Creamy and delicious. I'm just like my eldest, but my other 3 will drink it whenever. I get really far behind on cheese making, like right now, and by the time we drink it it is pretty goaty. I currently have 6 gallons in the fridge. Ugh! I plan to make 3 gallons into cheese in the morning but should have done it days ago.

sherie said...

Glad to hear you got your goatie's bred. Pretsil is due Mar. 23, but we never got Ladybug bred. We took her early on, but she wasn't in standing heat. Then, we never caught her in heat again. Beth says she deserves a year off. With the warm late fall - most people I know are having late babies this year....hopefully, Pretsil took and will kid this time~! take care. sherie


sherie said...

Hi there,
glad to hear you got Bri bred. Pretsil is due Mar. 23 - if she took. Ladybug wasn't in standing heat the one time we took her to the buck. We never caught her in heat again. Beth says she deserves a year off. With our warm dry fall - everybody is later than usual - I hope Pretsil kids for us, sometimes she fools us - like last year.....got her extra rations but wasn't pregnant! take care. http://maplebrookfarm.wordpress.com/