Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why I Don't Like Slugs

There are many, many more examples like these. Slugs are everywhere and love to eat everything. I remembered as I was uploading these pictures that I could have shown you some beans that were nearly eaten through as well.
Did I tell you about the night I was perusing through the garden at dusk and picked up some slugs and decided to keep track!? Yeah, I know, "sick and wrong" is what my husband called it.
Well, I just couldn't stop. They were everywhere. So I picked up a coffee can and actually started counting! As I approached the garden gate (the end of the garden rounds of slug picking ) I was on 104! But I just couldn't stop! So I kept picking them as I walked back to the house and through the front yard. I finally ended when the can was nearly full ( a 3# coffee can!). My final number was 204!!! I picked 204 slugs out of my garden and yard in one evening! And still...look at the damage they are doing.

Despite the ravenous appetite of the slug I had a great harvest yesterday! Yes, that glob on the right side of the bowl is a tomato!! I froze 2 quarts of beans out of this harvest after eating a huge pot of them for dinner.

And we get the funkiest tomatoes!


Anonymous said...

Good luck repelling the invasion of brown slugs from Europe! I know from experience that cheap beer is one of their downfalls!

Marfa said...

I know salt can kill the plant, but if you put it in select places, maybe it will get just the slugs?

We have funky looking tomatoes, too, I think some of our little yellow pear tomatoes cross-polinated with our better boys! And we also got some that look like they could've been siamese twins or triplets?!

My husband just planted more lettuce, we let our June batch go to seed and are hoping for more in a few weeks!