Friday, December 21, 2007

Morning has broken...

I decided to grab my camera yesterday morning as I went out to do my "barn" chores, as I have gotten to call them. This is how Firefly greets me every morning...
See her hoof up there on the edge of the door. It is so funny. She will jump up on that door non-stop till I let her out to milk. Then she goes running into the other side of the barn and jumps up into her stanchion for milking. Butter just stays put as she knows her grain is coming. Hopefully soon, we'll start training Butter to take her grain in the stanchion as well, so she gets used to being in there and having us touch her.
Here are Butter and Firefly checking out my camera. And waiting for their grain. Wet Cobb is what it is really called and the reason they like it so much is because of the "wet" part. It is grain mixed with molasses. It's like candy! And must be stored safely away from them as they will eat it to their death! It can make them sick if they overindulge.

These are the new chicks! Yes, indeed they have grown enormously....they look like miniature chickens now instead of fuzz balls. They are 7 weeks old, only another 10-13 weeks before we start getting eggs out of them. James has next week off, the whole week and unless it pours rain the entire time, they will be in their new coop by weeks the New Year.

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